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Woke up early, nudge Tarotcub awake, and the arduous task of packing our suitcases begain. We actually finished rather early and instead of sitting about we decided to take an early train into London.

On our trip into the UK we took the tube down to Victoria Station – which required a couple of changes to different lines. It was difficult with suitcases, so I had decided that we should throw caution to the wind and pay a  bit more to use the Heathrow Express from Paddington. This required a train from Ely to Kings Cross and from Kings Cross to Paddington. Only 2 changes, and thankfully at Kings Cross we could take the lift. Though we paid a bit more, it was much more comfortable, especially with our luggage. Got to Heathrow T5 and it turns out we were 2 hours early before the check-in was open for our flight. Found a coffee shop within the terminal and just sat about and adjusted our luggage so that we wouldn’t exceed the weight allowance.

Finally checked in our luggage and went through security. Unlike other terminals which would have quickie restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King, T5 doesn’t have anything like that. Remembering that Rachael was espousing the Gordon Ramsay Plane Food restaurant, we went there for lunch. The food was very simply prepared, but very delicious. I had a rumpsteak, medium-rare, and Tarotcub had some chicken dish. We had just enough time for lunch, a quick stop at the toilets and then had to pile into a bus to get us to the plane. The flight back to Toronto was fine, nothing unusual. I couldn’t get us bulkhead seats this time, but we were luck that the ladies in front of us didn’t fling their seats all the way back. I did have to change seats with Tarotcub as he found sitting by the window too confining.

We watched the first 2 episodes of True Blood S3 that I had downloaded onto my netbook. Watched a few movies as well on BA’s video terminals and just generally had a pleasant experience. Just like the flight over the flight back had the special meal that I had requested, so I didn’t starve.

Thankfully Mr Squirrel had offered to pick us up from Pearson, which he did.

Yesterday was a long day, but hopefully our trip for both myself and Tarotcub was comfortable enough yesterday.


I shall miss Ruthie.

Wish I had spent more time talking with Jakob, but that can be done next time I’m in the area.

Next year, possibly Lithuania?