As this was our last day, for myself and Tarotcub, we decided to stick close to Ruthie’s and just rest and relax. We went off to Ely.

The previous night Ruthie informed me that she was to have a tango lesson and while she was to learn how to fling her legs about in wild abandon we were to be entertained by a friend of her’s – Jakob. I met Jakob last year when I was visiting Ruthie. He’s a charming fellow, lives in Cambridge, and just like Ruthie enjoys tango and motorcycles.

So while in Ely Tarotcub and I just walked about, picked up some items at Waitrose and had lunch by the canal. Picked up some tea for my mother and got back to Ruthie’s for a quick shower.

At Jakob’s we were treated to a lovely and delicious barbeque. There were several bottles of wine consumed. I got a big glass of cranberry juice with a big grapefruit wedge in it. We did some chit chatting, and as is our wont, the double entendres were flying.  Ruthie joined us after  her tango lesson, and at one point she cuddled up to me. The woman better accept my marriage proposal … (cheeky grin). I did make her flush when I told her that during one night this week she did cuddle me in her sleep. Shockingly she decided to take a picture of my bum while I was l sleeping — the deepest violation of my trust, I must say. Seems that when her alarm went off at 6am I gently nudged her, as she had to be out of the house by 6:30am to make it in time for a visit to the cells. Ruthie was touched by my actions .. and yet she took a pic of my bum.

By the end of the evening we were all very tired. But being told that Jakob was willing to keep me for the night was a huge laugh.