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Day 6 for myself was a leisurely trip up to Hunstanton as per Ruthie’s suggestion. The trip consisted of taking a train up to King’s Lynn and then a bus. Somehow the gods were shining upon myself and Tarotcub as the bus to and from Hunstanton showed up within minutes of us getting to the bus stop/station. The most interesting aspect of the travelling was that our bus was full of OAPs. They were a jolly lot.

Hunstanton is a pretty little village/town on The Wash. There are no great big castles, cathedrals, palaces or whatnot. What there is to be found is some very breathtaking views. The cliffs are stunning. Tarotcub and I took a leisurely walk along a road running alongside the beach promenade, to view the few historically significant sites — St Edmund’s Chapel (who I discovered was the first patron saint of England, before being displaced by St George), a now privately owned lighthouse, and an old building for the local “coast guard”. As well, there was an aquarium.

While strolling about we ran across a “Sensory Garden” – a garden specifically created for the disabled in mind — with wide winding paths, plenty of seating and flower & trees of very strong scent; everything to delight the senses … scents, colours, textures. While there we ran across a very small stone circle. It wasn’t ancient, just something the town had put up around a tree, with the names of herbs etched into each one.

We walked along the beach, took some truly stunning pics of the cliffs and the little creatures we found – like jellyfish, seagulls, pigeons roosting in the cliffs, tiny crayfish/crabs. We also found the wreck of an old ship, probably dating back to WWII. The aquarium was fun too, though we only had 30 minutes to see it. Got to see some penguins, seals, and interesting little fishes.

Got home to Ruthie’s where she actually cooked for us. It was spaghetti bolognese, but made with quorn not real meat. It was a vegetarian feast.

Next day, Germany!