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Thusfar I have revisted Ely Cathedral and ambled about the city with my three other travelling companions. Dinner consisted of first stopping off at the local Tescos.  I have to admit I do not get overly enthused by grocery stores, they usually serve a purpose and once that purpose is met I tend to go away. But I am travelling with peeps who have never flown to the UK, so everything is a new experience which needs to be savoured and dwelled upon — so I am seeing the UK from a fresh perspective.

The next day was Norwich, which has a very strong medieval history, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror. We got to wander about, and my fantasy of seeing the section of Norwich with a huge collection of Tudor architecture was met … and I was in raptures.

Today Tarotcub and I went down to London to find Highgate Cemetary. This required us going into Islington, specifically the Archway Tube Station on the Northern Line. I did not like the area, and you know an area is quite sketchy when all the local pubs advertise cheque-cashing services — much like MoneyMart back home. We managed to find our way back to Ely and took a taxi back to Ruthie’s hof.

This evening was the Rotary Club of Ely weekly meeting. Ruthie is a member, and we joined her. The meal was cheap but quite delicious — I had gammon with fried egg and chips. I chose not to have dessert. The “talk” was about fibre optic cabling and how BT is behind in making sure that the UK is properly serviced for broadband connectivity. The two geeks in our little foursome put forth their ideas, while I interjected from an economic perspective with regards to private vs public funding of national projects.

Now I sit in the hof typing away, secretly jealous of tarotcub’s sticky toffee pudding with custard.