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I am now sitting in Ruthie’s livingroom, enjoying the swaying of the trees outdoors and the meow of her remaining pussy. Plans today consist of actually taking it easy and going into Ely to wander about, check out Ely Cathedral (known as the Ship of the Fens), Oliver Cromwell’s House, The Maltings and just general enjoyment of the area.

We landed at Heathrow on Saturday morning and it appears that our agreed upon meetup location with Rob & Rachael was not such a good idea — Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant is only accessible in Departures, once past security. Tarotcub and I were about to get them paged when we found them.

A madcap travel adventure to get to Brighton ensued. Got onto the Underground and changed stations at Acton Town onto the District Line to get us to Victoria. Once we reached Victoria had to get a train down to Brighton. A fairly easy trip, yes? Not when you have 4 colonials, of which 2 had never been on the Underground, and all 3 of them not with luggage. I warned that the tube trains are narrow.

Got down to Brighton, got to our hotel and dumped our luggage there to go meandering about until our rooms were ready. Found a cute little pub called The Pull & Pump and had the most amazing chips w/ gravy. The gravy was so good that Robert drank some of it.

Finally got into our rooms. The others decided to refreshen themselves, while I wandered into one of the hotel bars to try and find some wifi. I was desperate to get in touch with Rah-Rah, with regards to the BrightonPissup organised on Twitter and to get my SIM that the lovely Geeklawyer had purchased for me. Eventually found Rah_rah and gang at a beach bar called Oh So Cool, by a big metal doughnut.

I was enthusiastically greeted by one Manxstef, Rah_rah, Stupidgirl_no1, Jaffne and Emargee (my psuedo husband, as I am his meat-wife). Special_noodles was cool and waved at me. I came bearing chthulus as gifts, and a wee husky for Rah_rah. I had great fun but Tarotcub wasnn’t overly enthused with the bar so he took a wander. As the night progressed Stef and Jaffne discovered something about me … I avoid cameras and am rather adept at it. Then this whole game of “let’s catch Beanie unawares” began. A lot of the pics were of my hand. I am so pleased!

Yesterday, Sunday, the arduous trip up to Ely began. Brighton to Victoria, Victoria to King’s Cross, King’s Cross to Ely. Only thing that threw me off (I had done though route several times) was that King’s Cross is under serious renovation. When I was there last year there was a building … it’s all been torn down, only the platforms remain. Got picked up at Ely Rail Station. And got introduced to a plethora of people at Ruthie’s Tea & Tango Party. Unfortunately the hottub did not heat up until later in the day … and the frivolities truly began. I managed to take quite a few pictures of the various hottub antics.

Today, Ely!