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I am very much looking forward to my holidays this year. This year I get 3 weeks vacation time, and I am using up 2 weeks of it for my annual excursion across the pond. I am to venture forth into the wilds of the United Kingdom with my trusty cohort Tarotcub, and two newbies (who have yet to experience my laissez-faire attitude towards planning). Whilst in England Tarotcub and I will be whisking ourselves off to Deutschland to visit Yalla & Kerstin for about four days. Tarotcub hasn’t been to Germany, and I haven’t seen Yalla & Kerstin since the Lithuanian LBW back in 2006. They were planning on coming here to Canada this coming  August, but airfare prices are too high (1000 euro per person).

What do I hope to “achieve” on my hols? I shall be attending a BrightonPissup organised on Twitter, spend some time with Ruthie – who is hosting a Tea & Tango Garden Party in our honour. I am very much looking forward to seeing Enron: The Musical with my Deviant Chaperone, poking Geeklawyer and spending some time with him, experiencing the delights of Duesseldorf, hopefully go up to Norwich and King’s Lynn. And I know this sounds super tacky, but I believe I also want to visit Cadbury World.

If I manage to squeeze it in, I would also like to see a bit of Cardiff & Bath.

Why did I chose the UK? I got very sick last year, and I tried my damnedest to hold on while in Vilnius – as the medical system there is nowhere close to what I am accustomed to. I kept feeding myself vitamin C, showering lots and sleeping lots .. anything to stave off a collapse. I collapsed when I returned to Canada. This year, if I have medical problems atleast I’ll be in a country with a medical system which is just as good as  here, with urologists who specialise in my birth condition.