Monthend, like most months, has come and gone without much fuss. There were some adjustments I had to make for reporting purposes, to properly reflect the true presentation of my results … adjustments that I couldn’t get into the accounting system due to various reasons.

I have managed to now go one month without requiring the services of a chair in the local ER. Yes, this means I have not had to resort to the excellent services of the local hospital. Yay, me!

We are due to have a PST Audit starting next week, Monday. My co-workers, who are also involved in the audit, are not prepared; they are assuming that I will handle all the discussions with the auditor. According to the engagement letter from the auditor his focus will be on one of my co-workers’ affiliates, not mine. This means she will be the focus and will have to explain herself. When I told her that she needs to gather all her documentation to show capital additions and disposals for 2007-2009 her response was — “I never did disposals, Mrs L did those”. I patiently explained to her that using that as an excuse will not jive with the auditor; he will not care, all he is interested in is seeing the working papers to justify any additions, disposals and adjustments to capital assets.

One co-worker did not come to work yesterday as her wee son was quite ill. Unfortunately this meant that she was not able to complete her bank reconciliations, and therefore her financial results for April 2010 YTD were not published. I got a rather terse email from my counterpart at the regional HQ (NY) asking when I intended on publishing. I told him that they are not my affiliates, and he should be patient.

I have been at my current position for 2 years now. In comparison with the other inmates my tenure, thusfar, has been rather brief. We all learnt how to use the new accounting system. And yet, oddly enough, there are things I can do in the accounting system they cannot. I have the ability to work in any North American company working off the same accounting system — we are all on SAP, which is located on the NY servers. This means instead of invoicing, email and whatnot, I can easily just do a cross-charge journal entry. I also have the ability to run PO reports, create assets, dispose of assets and work in the other various subledgers (accounts receivable, accounts payable, WIP, COGS). There has also been some murmurings that the entire department needs to sit down with me so I can train them all on how I do these miraculous things.

And to continue with the head shaking this week, that happens on a nearly daily basis, I nearly smacked a co-worker. She ran her Balance Sheets for 2007 & 2008, because part of the auditor request was to have the financial statements ready for him this coming Monday. For those of you who are not comfortable with this … there are 7 components which comprise the financial statements — assets, liabilities & equity make up the Balance Sheet; revenue, expenses, gains, losses make up the Income Statement. Basically, there are two financial statements for each fiscal period – Balance Sheet & Income Statement. When I asked her where her complete financials were she said ‘there, there they are’. I had asked her why only the Balance Sheets? Oh, those are the financials. I informed her she needs her full financials .. what’s that she asks? She’s been working as an accountant for the past 20 years .. I was ready to rip her  hair out.

On a happy note, I ran into a former colleague from my time at Sears. We both started in the Inventory Accounting Department eons ago, both working on our CGA designations. I left that crap hole in 2003 for Pfizer, and he left in 2005. We would periodically bump into each other during CGA exams. But this week it was at 2 CGA seminars. We have to complete a certain number of CPDs (continuing professional development) per year. I wanted seminars that are cheap, do not require me to do homework or tests, and hopefully learn something interesting. And at yesterday’s seminar, Upcoming Changes to Standards for NFPOs, I met him there. Today it was something on barcodes. To be honest I zoned out, but I got free food, some CPDs and to catch up with the colleague.