Today is Mother’s Day, here in the vastness of Her Majesty’s Colonies .. aka, Canada. As a dutiful Baby Bean I treated my mom, Momma Bean, to a Mother’s Day Brunch. We went to a lovely restaurant and she quite enjoyed herself.

My concerns for her stem from my observing her today at brunch. Her hands were shaking so much she could barely hold her butter knife. She had a hard time holding her cup of coffee and ending up spilling half of it on the table. She had a hard time getting up and sitting down.  She stumbled a few times, as if she were very dizzy. Momma Bean is nearly 70, so not that old. But she’s beginning the exhibit the same stubbornness that Poppa Bean had.

Momma Bean got very sick 2 weeks ago, high fever, chills, shaking, coughing etc. She refused to go to a doctor. She still refuses. I have reminded her that the last time she ignored her body’s messages she had a heart-attack. I want her to take care of herself. My mom has always been a bit of a hyperchondriac, so I’ve never had to worry about her seeing her GP. But now she’s displaying the same tendencies as Poppa Bean — refusing to go to the doctor, downplaying her health issues, saying she’s old, what’s the point. If my father had showed any fight he might have lived longer, going to the doctors when his pain first manifested.

I buried one parent this year, I really don’t relish doing this again any time soon.

My demanding that she promise on my father’s soul that she will see the doctor has not worked. She refuses.