I saw Dr Tien today at Sunnybrook. As many of you all know I have been having abdominal pain since early January of this year. Ultrasounds have been done, many blood draws, and other fun samples taken. The tests have shown that my gall bladder’s lining is thickened, that I am fighting off some sort of infection, and that there were elevated liver enzymes a few weeks ago when I was checked out by ER doctors at Mount Sinai.

Foolishly I thought, as did all the other doctors, that I have gall bladder stone issues. But not Dr Tien. He’s decided that it isn’t my gall bladder but one of these reasons – abdominal adhesions from multiple surgeries (they were cleared out 2.5 years ago by Dr Herschorn & Dr Lee), sepsis from last year (because I keep showing UTIs in my cultures .. I pointed out that as a Bladder Exstrophy patient with a mitrafonoff stoma that I am more highly proned towards UTIs than the average person), or gastritis.

The upshot is that there will not be any surgery in my immediate future. To say I am pissed is understating it.