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Another month has come and gone and March was quite interesting – to say the least.

My paternal unit, one Elder Bean, passed away on March 10th. So now there is only me, Beanie, Lil Bro and Momma Bean left in the Bean Family.

Held a fun Pysanky get together this past weekend, all kicked off by a lovely brunch with one Mr Bobert, Squirrelboy and Tarotcub. The turnout for the pysanky afternoon was fabulous, and larger than last year’s. I truly did enjoy it, and was heartened to see people willing to explore other different facets of cultural traditions.

I am now in the middle of quarter-end and my antipathy towards twat knows no bounds. For some stupid reason she has not figured out how to print out a bank statement for our new bank accounts. It is her job to do cash receipts, and yet either she’s too stupid or too lazy to figure out how to print out a simple bank statement.

Had my variance analysis meeting this morning with the CFO and my manager. I need to make some minor adjustments, but for the most part my P&L is locked down and fully complete. The other miscreants have begged for an extension on their variance analysis meetings — and yet I’m the one who has to do the extra work to figure out intracompany cross charges; as I am responsible for the two largest affiliates I end up cross charging the others for items such as rent for shared space, management fees, shared IT costs, shared depreciation, coffee supplies, xerox leases and so forth… they just have to run their P&Ls and viola! my cross charges are there. And yet, they get extensions and I don’t.

I managed to complete the mammoth task of reconciling Intercompany for the entire Toronto office, for 2009. It is part of our corporate tax filing, and the account needed to be reconciled for all Toronto affiliates.. so I did it, for 7 affiliates. Plus I did some training, walking the Montreal office through how to use the reporting tools required by the Parent Company in the UK.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I want to prop up my toes, watch some Supernatural and pass-out reading on the sofa.