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A friend’s former partner mentioned this to me a while ago, and I never really gave it much thought — but it has been rearing its ugly head, so to speak.

I speak of those ladies who stand in doorways or at revolving doors, waiting for others to either open the doors for them or to do the actual pushing of the revolving doors. I have no qualms with helping out a heavily pregnant lady, or someone who is loaded up in some fashion (carrying an infant) or is incapacitated in some way. But I take great issue with ladies who behave in such a fashion that others are expected to open the door for them.

Today, while coming back from an underground food court with my lunch I got to a revolving door. The lady in front of me walked into one of those “quarters” and had crossed her arms over her chest. She was quite literally standing there, waiting for someone to start pushing the revolving door. I pushed, mostly because I needed to get out and across the street to my office building. Turns out the stupid dipstick works in the same building as me. Yet again, at my building she pulls the same stunt.

On Tuesday a young lady mimed how heavy it was to push the revolving door at another building. I sighed rather heavily and loudly, called her a lazy twit, and proceeded to go past her and push the revolving door so hard she was forced to run through it if she didn’t want to get smacked by the door.

Why are there ladies who are so lazy to push/open doors and expect others to do it for them? Long gone are the days of Victorian Era Chivalry, when men opened doors for ladies. Generally that is still considered polite, but it is no longer a societal requirement.