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I’m not thrilled and admit that I’m in a fairly pissy mood.

This morning I received an email from one of the senior marketing managers blaming Finance for not paying an outstanding invoice from last September 2009; that Finance has reassured the vendor on numerous occassions that there will be a cheque cut for the remaining oustanding invoices.

The invoice(s) in question were delivered to my assistant last Friday, well after she had done the cheque run for the week. I had spoken to the Project Manager with regards to the invoice, because the vendor was ringing my assistant on a nearly daily basis — there isn’t much she can do if there is nothing entered into the Accounting System. I informed the Project Manager that having Creative/Marketing sit on an invoice for 6+ months while Finance fields increasingly desperate and threatening phone calls is unacceptable. The excuse I got was that it was before his time (which I say bullsh*t to, if an individual takes on a project, they fully take it on), there were problems with our clients signing estimates and then setting up a purchase order.

I informed the senior marketing manager that we had received the invoice last Friday, and that the Project Manager and I had been in contact with regards to him sitting on the invoice for 6 months.

I am sick and tired of Creative/Marketing blaming my assistant for not doing her job. She’s doing the best she can, with the resources she has. She does not have the ability, nor is it within the scope of her job, to keep track of project-spends. My assistant is an Accounts Payable Clerk — it’s her job to process invoices in a timely manner, not to chase down errant Project Managers.

This really just goes to the heart of problems faced in many larger companies — people unwilling or unable to take responsibility, and trying to pass the blame on to another. And this may sound like my making a gross generalisation — but I have noticed that it tends to be the folks under 30 yrs of age who have the highest tendancy to pass the blame onto others.

Thankfully I have kept all the emails, so I can easily prove what I had claimed this morning. But it still angers to me.