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I got a phone call  last night that my father was in the ER. Seems the Egg fell hard on his knees trying to get up out of a chair. My mother tried to help him up, but she’s elderly herself and she doesn’t have the strength to pull up what she calls “her chubby man”. So my mom called for an ambulance and unfortunately they went to St. Joseph’s Health Centre — it’s a crap hospital, not the best care, they should have gone elsewhere. This was all at 5pm.

At 8pm my mom rang me to say that my father was in the ER. I asked her if she wanted me to come over, and she hemmed and hawed and she finally admitted that she needed the support. Mike drove me to the hospital. They put my father into an isolation cubicle in the ER. He seemed to really perk up when he saw myself and Mike, becoming quite animated chatting with Mike (that whole I need to share with another dude cos the ladies are too delicate). He was waiting to go up for a chest x-ray when we showed up.

My father looked so tiny in his hospital gown lying on the stretcher. He’s lost lots of weight, his cheeks are sunken, he’s lost muscle tone. And he’s sporting a small beard — all indicative of him not being able to care for himself. He was slurring his words, had a hard time breathing, and didn’t even have the energy to chastise my mother for her rosary bead clicking.

I was astounded that the nurses hadn’t started an IV. I asked his nurse why he didn’t have an IV. She said yes he does, see there on his arm. I pointed out that what he has is a saline lock, and is not receiving IV fluids. The nurse looked a little taken aback that I knew what a saline lock is. My mother was desperate to see a doctor so she could ask if they’d be keeping my father in for the night — the woman has not slept in over a week, tending to my ailing father. The doctor hadn’t showed up so we asked the Desk Clerk if it were possible to leave my father behind.

I’m hoping to hear more news today. I am not happy with his treatment thus far. It hasn’t been abusive in that he hasn’t been man-handled, but it has been neglectful. This is a 79yr old man who can’t stand, has been dosing himself with T3s, gets dizzy, and hasn’t eaten anything in 48hrs and is barely drinking enough fluids. Getting an IV started should have been the first thing, to get some hydration into him.

My father has pain in his left armpit — there’s a growth there, which according to my mother he was suppose to go in to get it biopsied later this month. The pain was getting to him so he convinced his GP to give him pain meds. I also have issues with his GP for giving him Tylenol3 as that much codeine in a person not use to prescription pain medication is too much. He should have been started on T1s at first.

The whole health saga for my paternal unit started before my last big slicing, in the autumn of 2007. They took out one of his testicles cos it was swollen. They ran tests to see if there were any cancer cells. His urologist told me at the time that he was concerned that my father has cancer, and he was hoping that if it was cancer that it be lymphoma instead of testicular as the latter is quite aggressive. They never found any cancer cells in him, but they still put him on chemo for a year as a precaution. The chemo wore him out and he hasn’t been the same.

Last night my father was slurring that  he hopes all his pains & torture will end soon with a peaceful death. My father is losing the will to live.