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Another yearend has come and gone and for the most part I felt it was successful, for me anyways. Not in that my companies made gobs of money, but that the processes themselves for closing the year went well.

One annoyance for me, which I mentioned to Mr B, Mr M, Mz J and Mr F, is one of my co-worker’s propensity to not actually think. Her company is a subsidiary of one of mine, so all her PBT (profit before taxes) roll up into my company for tax computation purposes .. that means she reflects no Income Tax Expense in her YE schedules, but I incorporate her in as a “permanent difference” (I’ll explain later what that is if anyone is truly interested). The YE schedules automatically populate with her actuals, so  her YE schedules included a tax calculation. It requires a minor adjustment on her part to wipe out this calculation. Her lament “BEANIEEEEEEEE, how do I get rid of this?” My telling her to drilldown on a prior year YE schedule was met with mute silence, then a “butbutbut what do I do?”. Lord give me strength. Cos I have 3 companies to publish and I didn’t have the time to teach her (and I have access to her actuals in the reporting system) I just did it for her .. it was faster.

I was not feeling very charitable, especially when she asked me why her Fixed Asset Reconciliation wasn’t working (there were no formulae, that’s why) so I told her point blank — “I spoke to the IT Director, I begged him to give you Excel training” .. “Bean, please don’t tell me you singled me out” … “Yes I did”.

In general I like where I work, and I do find it heart-warming that my fellow Chief Accountant is on the ball and rarely asks me questions — except when it comes to Income Tax (since I have a stronger background in that then she does). And she only asks me excel questions when she’s trying to figure out why her vlookup or hlookup aren’t working. As well, my assistant is not afraid of me (unlike the rest of the reprobates and twits) and likes to use me as a weapon when she’s going into her own battle of wills with creative peeps.

And just this past week”Twat” (the lady who does cash applications) asked me that now that we are switching over to a new bank and banking system who will do the A/R reconciliations — I told her that she will, as it isn ‘t my job to hunt down clients who are remiss at paying on time.