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The pain has subsided, to some extent. It’s still there, like a cockroach in the corner.

I’m on T3s for the most part, though I really could use something stronger like Oxycontin .. but unfortunately though that would be effective for pain relief there are two side effects which I cannot tolerate:

-it makes me loopy & easily suggestible, not a good thing at the moment

-it makes me vomit, rather violently

Plus it is a narcotic and I tend to get easily addicted to narcotic painkillers. Back in early 1983 while recovering from my third surgery the nurses were a little too liberal with administering morphine to me, and after a short while I started to crave it like mad. While recovering from major abdominal surgery I also had to deal with the shakes from my addiction to morphine.

Oh how my body never ceases to amaze and delight me, let me tell you.

On a happy note — the CFO told me today that he’s quite pleased that I am being a hard-ass with the creative peeps who try to bully my assistant.