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I woke up this morning at 2am with sharp & intense abdominal pain. I rang for a taxi and on the way to Sunnybrook I cried out of fear – fear that the hell of July was coming back.

Got to Sunnybrook and it seems there was a huge backlog. There were people getting care in ER who needed to be admitted, but there were no beds available. So, they all had to stay on their stretchers in ER. This meant that all of us in the Waiting Area were triaged and got taken care of in the assessment room in the  waiting area — all of our blood draws, IV insertions, cultures taken etc.

Not once during my 14 hours did I actually get a bed. I spent the whole time in the Waiting Area. I am home now, by the way.

Anywho, why does my body not love me? It’s simple, I have a gall bladder full of little stones, there’s a slight inflamation of the lining of the gall bladder, and during an ultrasound they also detected a cyst on one of my ovaries. General Surgery was called in for a consult. By the time they showed up the pain had subsided and it appears that one of the stones that was blocking a duct had loosened, which is all to the good.

While waiting for treatment I was texting with Kari like crazy, listened in on the conversations of the security peeps, chatted with other fellow inmates, and marvelled (and agree with Brian on this) at how all the Paramedics I’ve ever seen are just so HOT.

So, what is the next step? SURGERY! I have to get the blasted gall bladder out. This also means, to Ruthie’s great joy, that my diet has to change … no fatty foods. So no bacon, extra lean meat only, boiled eggs (not fried) only, and other fun stuf.