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I’m on day two of my yearend hussle, and I’m already tired.

Before our Christmas break we all had meetings with the CFO and our manager, the Director of Finance, to discuss any variances for the month and year to date (actuals vs Q3 forecast, vs 2009 Budget, vs 2009 Proforma). There were a number of figures in my financials which had not been pinned down because we were still waiting for some CAPEX to be processed. But I did manage to calculate how much my additional costs would be, and how much I’d be cross-charging my associates — in preparation for this prelim Flash Meeting. All went well, we went on our Christmas Break.

Back yesterday and the CAPEX is finally in and I do my cross-charges. Bearing in mind that I had already communicating to my associates these figures before Christmas. One of my associates quickly did her revised Flash Report and went home with an explanation that “Bean did her IT cross-charge, and that’s why my numbers are $6K higher”. I was asked to explain myself.

I looked at my associates P&L and noted that her CAPEX additions had all gone into her HW expense line instead of onto the Balance Sheet as a Capital Addition .. and lo & behold, there was the $6K. I had warned her that IT has screwed up one of the purchase orders for me and I had reverse the transaction for them to correct the PO so my assistant could re-enter the invoice correctly. I warned her, to keep an eye out; she did not. Now she’s trying to convince our Regional HQ to re-open A/P for December 2009 so that the correction could be put through.

My own yearend is going reasonably well, so far. I only have 8 more journal entries to do before the end of day tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to the International Tax Package I have to prepare for early February, for our Regional HQ so that they can prepare their numbers for their IRS filing.¬† As well, next week, have to prepare yearend working papers for our UK parent company.. that’s also going to be many moments of unmitigated joy.

There are moments in which I truly long to win the lotto. But I have to admit, I was bored to tears during my week off from work. If I was to win the lotto, what would I do? Travel? I’d prolly go back to school and learn fun stuff like computer hacking, macreme, and learn more languages like german, french and mandarin.