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2009 was an eventful year for me, and looking back to January 2009 I don’t think a year ago I could have imagined what the next twelve months would be like. To be brief it was a year which I do not look too kindly upon, but yet there were little gems which I shall treasure and remember fondly.

Some of the “excitement”:

  • visiting Ruthie & traveling to LT with Geeklawyer — and him continuing the annual tradition of nearly killing me whilst driving.
  • The Beangirl Pissup in Brighton with a bunch of tweeples — rah_rah, mrspboutique, akacarlos, special_noodles, ruharper, nancetron
  • Geeklawyer’s visit to the colonies — three fun-filled weeks of the stench of coffee in my flat, the tequila war between Chris & Lydia (gamely encouraged and funded by  Geeklawyer), a visit to Ottawa for their WinterFest and his pronounciation that “Ottawa is quite lovely, except for the French), and my beloved Pupa’s need to mark Geeklawyer with his claws
  • Pupa getting gravely ill. At the end of March he was in hospital cos his little urethra was blocked, and again in June. I had to put him down, just a few scant days after his 6th birthday. I bawled my eyes out and thankfully Chris was there to help me while little Pupa was slowly falling asleep for the last time.
  • Getting Aras and Linas — the two new pussies in my life. One likes to mark me anywhich way he can, and the other is like a limp towel in my arms, just collapsing like a souffle when I pick him up.
  • My first problems with the catheter in May — nothing like going to St Mike’s Hospital with a blood soaked nightgown, to get taken care of quickly
  • Living with an indwelling catheter (a foley for you more medically inclined) for 4 months.
  • Going into septic shock and being intibated in July, and put on a ventilator for nearly 10 days .. oh what great joy that was, thankfully all of it is a blank for me.
  • Watching Cat, Mike, Chris and Puck struggle with the hospital gowns cos I was in isolation… turns out that they also visited me while in CrCU (Critical Care Unit)…but I don’t remember … all they tell me is that I was pale, and looked really really bad.
  • Finding out I have 2 wee bladder stones .. still discussing when those will be removed.
  • My annual appointment with Dr Lee, my uro-gynecologist and who worked on my surgery in November 2007. Her portion of the surgery is still holding strong, defying all expectations.
  • Even though I bitch about my co-workers’ skills, or lack thereof, where I work is a very good environment for me; nothing like the hell that Airmiles was where I worked monster hours and rarely ever had a home life.
  • Crotcheting chthulhus for my tweeps.
  • Getting to know several people much better – Stephanie, Jenn, Fraser, Cat, Kari, Mark, Dawna, Robert & Rachael; and losing touch with other friends cos of life .. just reiterates how life just ebbs and flows, and how friends pull back and others come forward to take their place.
  • The madcap Breakfast Club, all started as a bit of fun, but which I enjoy thoroughly.
  • Discovering a shared addiction to yarn with — Cat, Stephanie, Rachael, Jenn, Josie
  • Trying to be supportive of friends who’ve had a very difficult time in 2009 because of their own health issues
  • Meeting up with the Trinkunai in Vilnius — it was absolutely lovely, came away with a better sense of which direction Romuva in the diaspora should be going towards, as expressed by the Krivis
  • Attending my first Rasa (Summer Solstice) at Verkiu Parkas in Vilnius .. I went to LT at a perfect time, the whole country was celebrating the triumph of Saule, the sun goddess
  • This was my father’s last trip to LT, he’s become quite frail, and I believe that it helped a lot that atleast one of his kids was there with him during the last trip.. didn’t help matters that I got sick and his nostalgic tour was fraught with great worry over me.
  • Hosting my first Kucios — there were 9 of us, and I believe it worked beautifully; I hope to do it again next year.
  • I’ve also  had moments of great sadness and despair — I am getting really tired of being “the strong one” in my family, amongst my peer group, and amongst my work colleagues. My hope for 2010 is to find some support, which means I need to breakdown my reserve and actually ask for help… it’s very difficult for me, as I have been trained up since I was an infant to be only dependent on myself cos of my health issues.

So what do I hope for 2010?

  • I have given up beer for 2010 (cheeky grin)
  • Continue with the friendships that I am forging, and that even means succumbing to Cat’s desire to select my wardrobe
  • Asking for help when I truly need it
  • To find inner serenity
  • Continue with my reading of Baltic texts, and immersing myself more into my faith-path
  • Support my father —  he truly believes that he will not make it to the next Christmas