For some unknown reason which I cannot fathom my co-workers are far too dependant on me. Because one of them was having a hard time keeping up with her journal entries, and processing some billings for this past Friday, I was asked to ring New York to ask for an extension on doing journal entries; normally, we have four days to complete our journals, but she needed an extra day. What confuses me is why do I have to ring New York, why can’t my c-workers do it? I asked and the response was “you have a better rapport with them”.

Today, I’m trying to reconcile my intercompany and I can’t. Seems that one of our affiliates sent in cheques to pay off some IC balances. The Cash Clerk is sitting on the cheques because they were received on November 30th and the lockbox process would not have recorded them in the proper month. I was stunned for a minute, then asked her if she can still perform her cash applications process if the cheques are manually deposited (meaning that someone actually goes to a teller with a deposit slip). She said yes, she can do her cash applications – so my next question was, why didn’t you do it? My IC is now off by $18K with just one affiliate.

Another affiliate, I’m off by $120K because the creative twits are sitting on the invoicing and having them processed here in Finance.

$18K I can easily not worry about, since my threshold is $25K for providing explanations. But $120K I have to explain, and what will my explanation be? Creative is sitting on them? That isn’t an acceptable response for queries from our worldwide HQ in London.

Oh well, I have managed to reconcile 75% of my required balance sheet reconcilitions. I’m dreading the bank reconciliation, truly I am.