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This past weekend was eventful – frustrating at times, amusing, entertaining, and embarrassing as well.

It started well, with a visit to Cora’s with Daniel and Robert. Robert didn’t disappoint, delighting me with his incessant need for sugar consumption. The effects of all that sugar is always a delight to behold. We got up to Embolden, for a 3pm talk on Meditation.

Now, there are certain individuals within Toronto’s pagan community who do not delight me in any shape or form. But they exist for various reasons. The individual who sat there, waiting to start his talk on meditation, is one such individual. It was unfortunate that he chose to talk about Buddhism instead of “Meditation 101”; whether he understood what was expected, or if he chose to ignore such a request and carry on discussing what Buddhism, I don’t know. I did find value in what he spoke about, as I view each “talk” I attend as a learning opportunity – either about the topic, or about myself.

My young friend was frustrated and I had to remind him to calm down. Maybe because of the challenges I’ve faced in the past 2 years with regards to my health I tend to be more patient than before, and have learnt not to worry about items/situations out of my control. My friend did manage to calm down. The fellow presenting the talk can be quite exasperating, but instead of fuming and complaining, what one should do (and my friend did this, so I applaud him for this) is offer to do a talk and contribute in some fashion instead of being a passive complainer.

As I said, the fellow can be exasperating, to such a point that one lady left in the middle and another friend chose to leave immediately after the talk because it made him either feel uncomfortable or there was a slight distaste for the presentation.

Afterwards it was onto the Sex Show down at Exhibition Place. I got to beat Robert a few times, and had the great fun of thrusting a few vibrators against this Little Robert. The rolling eyes were quite fun, and more so his shivers of delight over being beaten. I think I’ve found a new activity which I can thoroughly enjoy… not necessarily beating Robert, but I liked the heft of the horsetail and the effects it can have when used on bare flesh.

Yesterday it was my Survival Piss-up. I was reminded a wee while ago that it cannot be my piss-up if I don’t drink. I promised to imbibe one alcoholic drink … ONE. Tarotcub immediately got me a Fuzzy Navel, which I drank (it was good, I quite liked it). Then there was a bit of a discussion with regards to what my next drink would be. I ended up having four cocktails. I did feel a tad fuzzy and at one point my toes felt numb. But the effects wore off rather quickly and by the time I left the pub I was stone cold sober.

For my friends reading this blog, this does not mean you can now delight in getting me even more drinks. I may have enjoyed the Fuzzy Navel and other cocktails, but I have no plans of drinking at every social occassion. Again, I will have to be guilted into it, and I believe I have found ways to resist this “peer pressure”.