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I had such great fun today in the office, oh how I danced and flitted about from file to file.

My co-worker, who is responsible for cash applications, cleared about parts of Accounts Receivable this past Friday. Unfortunately, she cleared out the wrong items. My Accounts Receivable is in a huge mess, for reporting purposes, and who has to answer for this at monthend to the Director of Finance, the CFO and Regional Headquarters? Me. Now I have to fix another’s mistake, which takes me away from my own work.

Received a note from a vendor that they are suspending our account until we pay up for invoices outstanding for more than 180days. We have invoices outstanding for close to a year, sitting on some Account Manager’s desk – their excuse being that t hey are far too busy to process the invoices. We hold to the opinion that if you are the one placing the order, you should be the one making sure the vendor gets compensated. Now we  have other vendors refusing to do business with us, cos it heard it on the grapevine that we take 3 months or longer to pay invoices. My suggest to the Production Accounting Manager is that either we escalate the issue to Senior Management (as this affects the ability of our company to function) or to make it more personal and direct – lock out the individuals responsible for this fiasco from their email accounts.

Have to self-assess PST going back to September 2005. I am doing it for all 7 units. My co-workers are refusing to do their own self-assessments, preferring that I do it. I’d rather not, but it has to be done so that we don’t suffer at the next PST audit.