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This post will be a rambling bit of an update on what has been happening in my life lately – and I know how exciting you all find it.


(1) I made a complaint about a doctor this past Friday morning. The previous night I had gone to the medical clinic (The Doctor’s Office at 595 Bay Street, Toronto) cos I hadn’t had gotten the results of the urinalysis from the prior week, and I still wasn’t feeling that wonderful. The doctor I got was some idiot who decided to talk over everything I said, ignored my concerns and decided to write a script for a medication that wasn’t working at that moment — based on lab results from 5 weeks ago. When I expressed my concerns I was told rather angrily that I cannot come in and dictate what drugs I am to have. I was taken aback — as I have never been told this before in my life. I rang the Clinic Manager the next day and I told her that I was not best pleased with a twit who thinks he knows better about UTIs than a chronic like myself with Bladder Exstrophy, especially with a very angry stoma. She took down my concerns and told me that she’d have a little chat, reminding the doctor that chronics are extremely proactive about their own health and tend to be extremely knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals and their efficacies.

(2) I was a spaz yesterday. Yesterday was a friend’s birthday celebration and we went to a very decadent ice cream/creperie place. At my duly appointment time I proceeded to the ladies to cath. I had no frickin’ catheters with me. I am normally really on the ball with regards to this, as cathing is THE only way I can empty the bladder … no cath= more pain. Thankfully two friends helped me out, driving me over to Sunnybrook.

(3) I am still astounded at the stupidity that abounds at work. My co-workers are still hesitant to call the Help Desk, so I invariably end up fixing their problems – Beanie, how do I do this vlookup? Beanie, my report doesn’t look right, how do I fix tis filter? Beanie, why are you rejecting my department’s invoices? Beanie, my screen is all blue with white text (yes, the dread blue screen of death) …how do I fix this?

(4) I had a squee moment the other day. There’s a webinar on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) on November 10th which I really really really want to take. Canadian GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) will be wholeheartedly going IFRS come 2011. I know, accounting-geek moment, but I rarely get those.

(5) My friend Geeklawyer is still under this delusional impression that I will do his accounts. He squealed with a little school girl when I said I want to do my ACCA (British designation, equivalency with my accounting association).