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I was informed by my assistant today that she’s been fielding a number of phone calls from Account and Creative people with regards to Purchase Orders and vendor invoices. When my assistant tells these individuals that they need to speak to me, they’d rather not, and would rather deal with the Production Accounting Manager.

Why this abhorence of dealing with moi? Seems I’m a bit of a stickler for following procedures. I won’t allow an invoice to be paid until all the proper steps have been taken – namely, a Purchase Order needs to be signed by a vendor along with the appropriate individual within our own company and if they do not have the authority to sign over a certain amount they need to go to their managers. I have sent invoices back, saying that the invoices will not be paid until the Account/Creative individual completes all the steps.

The Production Accounting Manager tends to be more flexible and will try and work with the individuals – contacting the vendors, faxing the Purchase Orders and attaching these completed POs to the invoicing. I don’t do this, nor should I. These individuals requesting work from the vendors have been told countless times that Purchase Orders should be signed by vendors before the invoicing comes in.

So, it appears that I am a hard-ass because I insist that the Account/Creative people follow through and make sure that the vendor process is properly adhered to — since we did not do very well on a Sarbannes Oxley internal audit, and A/P is a favourite target of all auditors, I am making sure that all the process requirements are followed. For that I am difficult … c’est la vie!