I am infection-free! First time in 3 months. No UTI, no kidney infection, no lung infection … nadah!

On a happy note I am to have an appointment on December 14th for a follow-up with Herschorn. The secretary, Holly, squeezed me for 8am. 8am you gasp… that is an ungodly hour. And it may be so, but considering it can be upwards to a 3hr wait to see Dr Herschorn being one of the select individuals to have an appointment before 9am means we are seen in a timely manner.

Holly squeeze me, as a favour. Seems I don’t hound her when I do show up for appointments, bugging her with the refrain of “how much longer is it going to be?” I have been going to Dr Herschorn since 1990 and I am well aware of his tendancy to squeeze in as many patients as possible, and occassionally taking time out to do an ultrasound or x-ray, thereby extending a patient’s appointment from 5 minutes to an hour sometimes. Or he gets called in for consults.

Holly stated rather loudly “you don’t hound me, you are low maintenance” while I was booking my December appointment. There were other patients surrounding her desk, getting rather antsy and pissy with her because of their appointments. I just quietly asked for an 8am if it were possible.

Sometimes it behooves us all to pay attention to how we treat others. On occassions such as this being polite and patient pays dividends. Being a mean pissant, though in the right, can be to one’s detriment. And we should all bear in mind that it is the secretaries who act as the border guards to our doctors, be nice to them and they will treat you well. I also hold to same theory with regards to nurses – except for the truly incompetent ones, then it’s a case of having a discussion with the Department Head.