I’ve blogged about this in the past and I guess I am still astounded at the self-involvement and lack of consideration of others when it comes to toilet etiquette. Today I went to the ladies, with my “pee kit”, to cath.

The disabled cubicle was occupied, so I waited hoping that it was actually a lady who really needed the cubicle and not just another self-absorbed yoga nut who needed the space to change into the latest in Lululemon-wear. I know, I was being far too idealistic, but one can hope and dream. It actually was a slender yoga outfit wearing woman who came out of the cubicle.  At first not a single ounce of remorse on her face, until she saw what I was gripping tightly in my hands – yes, my “pee kit”.

I don’t use the disabled cubicles cos I feel like it, or because I like room to spread whilst having private personal moments on the commode. I use the blasted cubicles cos I need the space to prepare for the catheterisation – which takes upwards to 10 minutes at a time, as it involves getting the tube of MUKO out, gauze, tape, the catheter, a syringe, and a couple alcohol swabs.

Why must people be such self-absorbed pigs when it comes to the disabled cubicle. It exists for a reason, and that reason isn’t so that one can get into the fitness gear.