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I haven’t blogged in a while, and not because I didn’t have anything to “report” on but mostly due to sheer laziness.

I continue to have problems with my stoma, with my attempts at intermittent catheterisations tending to fail within a day or two of the foley being removed. Back in mid-August Dr Herschorn removed the foley and I was able to go 10 days, cath’ing and then one day I couldn’t. We tried last week and I managed to last 8 hours before dragging myself back up to Sunnybrook.

This time round Dr Herschorn removed it just this past Tuesday and so far I’ve manage to go 48 hours without too much difficulty. I have figured out a way to cath which causes the least amount of discomfort (i.e. no bleeding of “rosebud”) and is sitting on the toilet is a reclining position, lifting up the abdomen to make the stoma opening larger and using gobs & gobs of medical lubricant. So far this has been working but my back hurts because of the funny toilet implements on commericial toilets — not like a flush handle ramming itself into the small of your back to make one feel truly alive.

The last weekend of September Starkman’s Medical Supplies is having an Ostomy Open House where I can get supplies at 10% off and as I have a credit with them of about $35 just imagine how much gauze, lubricant, surgical tape and stoma-care wipes I can get…actually not that much, it’s all fairly pricey. But I’m looking forward to this Open House, mainly so that I can mingle with others of my same “plight”.

On a very happy note that which I call the “Death Diet” is still holding, haven’t gained a pound since coming out of Hospital on August 5th. Still hate pasta, ice cream, pierogies, bread, potatoes, and rice.