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June 24th was a lazy day, just waking up a little late in the day and spending time on a patio or two with Kimo and Remigijus. At some point I was to come over to Irena’s, where my father was visiting with his cousin.

Kimo, Remigijus and I met up on Vokeciu Gatve and went questing for some tea. As June 24th was a National Holiday (because of the Rasa celebrations that lasted all the previous night) most shops were closed. The goal was to go to Skonis ir Kvapas – a tea shop, but it was closed.  So we ended up going to Cili Kaimas on Vokeciu Gatve, for some “light snacks” which consisted of chicken wings for me and cepeliniai for both Remigijus and Kimo.

We whiled away the afternoon and at some point I poked Remigijus to remind him that we had to get to Irena. Woosh! Off went the taxi, taking us over to Irena for our visit. Whilst visiting with Irena there were quite a few bottles of alcohol already open, ready for drinking and the television gently flickering away with an open air concert at Nida for Rasa – we ended up watching a children’s concert.

Went hom and realised that I had not handed over the half-empty bottle of red wine to Kimo that I promised, so I dutifully rang him and he meandered over. It was a good close to my hols in Lithuania – visiting with relatives and meeting up with Kimo for the first time.

25th it was up bright & early to get to the Airport for my flight back to the UK. The flights were uneventful, with a short sprint to make it through the transfers hall in Riga to making a connecting flight back to Gatwick — only had 30 minutes between decent into Riga and boarding for the flight to Gatwick. But I made it!

Got to Gatwick and the construction there was hell yet again. Took nearly 2 hours to get through Customs as only 4 wickets were open to handle non-EU citizens, and there was a large number of us. Got through and by that time my wee little cherry suitcase was sitting all forlorn next to an empty carosel.

Took the train to Brighton and just spent the rest of the day relaxing. Did go to Waitrose to stock up on some food and proceeded to Tweet away with the peeps I was to meet up with the following day for the “Beanie Piss-Up” with rah_rah, akacarlos, mrspboutique, special_noodles, nancetron and ruharper.