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After the great deposit at the Vilnius Airport and my sleeping in I got a ring from my father requiring my presence for Monday, all day – i agreed, naturally, as a dutiful daughter.

At about 1pm I went to a church to listen to an organ music concert and met up with my cousin there. Afterwards we wandered about a bit, went to a cafe and generally had a pleasant afternoon together going through the little alleyways and side streets of the Old Town. During the afternoon I was texting Inija Trinkuniene, leader of Kulgrinda and spouse to the Krivis of Romuva. If they got back into town by 8pm I was to go over to their place for a visit.

While waiting around to see if I could pop by I went to the “Zoliu Turgus” (Grass/Herb Fair), which use to be called “Raganu Turgus” (Witches Fair) on Gedimino Prospektas – which is the main street of Vilnius. The street was shut down for the Fair, which is a tradition for the period of Rasa – which is generally celebrated/observed for a 14 day period culminating on June 23/24th.

At the Fair I picked up a very nice little wooden box which would be perfect for my amber collection – it is hand painted with little traditional symbols on it. Remigijus had to leave to go meet with some family members, while I stayed behind to enjoy the Turgus. I took many pictures, teased Dale about it on Facebook as my status update, and ran across a fellow who does Baltic pagan inspired jewellry from silver, gold, bronze and so forth. I picked up a few pieces, in particular a very lovely symbol for Saule – the sun goddess.

On my way home I stopped off on the edge of a “Double Coffee” to leach some wifi to check my email – and the NA Vaidila (priest) or Lietuvos Romuva was back in Vilnius and had posted his mobile number. I waited until 8pm to see if the Trinkunai were back from their dvaras and they were not, so I texted them and received a fairly prompt text back that we should meet up tomorrow (Monday). So in the meanwhile I rang up Kimo and we agreed to meet up a little later on in the evening.

On my way to meet up with Kimo at the Rotuse Aikste (Old City Hall Square) at where Didzioje & Vokeciu Gatves meet I ran across some street performers juggling fire batons, and twirling little fire pots at the end of chains. I was mesmerized and was a touch late meeting up with Kimo. All of these little street performances, celebration of herbs and so forth were all part of the prelude to the Summer Solstice Celebrations – and I was truly blessed to see an entire city celebrate this, catholics, pagans, agnostics, etc.

Met up with Kimo and I admit he wasn’t what I expected. He is a multi-media artist – acting, music, visual arts, film arts etc. He looks quite boho-hippy and had this funny little grin on his face. We had dinner at Forto Dvaras and just chatted about the state of Romuva in North America and my impressions of how it is functioning within the greater North American neo-pagan communities. Kimo said it was an honour to meet up with the list autocrat/moderator of the Romuva mailing list (it’s been going for nearly 11 years now) which I found embarrassing as I don’t generally toot my own horn. We walked around a bit and then mutually agreed around midnight to call it an evening and go to our mutual flats.