Got back from Wimpole Hall yesterday, and managed to stagger into Ruthie’s house. Puttered away on her laptop, and lo & behold I heard the revving engine of a motorbike. It was a certain Mr Jakob from Ruthie’s tango class.

Ruthie, with her love of all things motorcycle, hopped onto the back of the bike with the comment that if she weren’t back in an hour I was to ring the local hospitals. She came back, with Jakob and then a sort of photo op took place — with Ruthie posing in her frilly pink leathers on the vrod. Then there was the tangoing. It was an eventful day. Though nothing compared to today, June 15th.

Took the train from Ely to the south, to get to Geeklawyer’s abode. The train dropped me off at King’s Cross, but the entrance to the Underground was blocked off, so had to cross over to St Pancras. Took the Underground to London Bridge Station and then made it, by a few spare minutes, to get onto the train for the south.

I shared a carriage with a colourful set of individuals, to put it delicately. They were pissed and high, and gamely trying to roll a few joints – but couldn’t because of their inebriation. They were quite loud, sounded like they were cockneys, wandered up and down the train in their stocking feet – with their socks full of more holes than swiss cheese. Finally, at our final approach they realised that there was a lady (moi) sitting quietly at the back of the carriage. These four men were all chivalry & politeness, helping me off the train.

Spent the afternoon & evening with Geeklawyer, being competantly chaperoned about the place.

Now I sit in his palace, typing away.

Tomorrow we’re off to Lithuania!!