Before I go further I must admit this – whilst in Nida we did pick up some amber. Geeklawyer for his harem, and I got myself a pair of stunning green amber earrings, and a lovely cherry amber pendant shaped like a sun.

Anywho, onwards and so forth.

On the 19th met up with my paternal unit – Mr Bean Sr. My father has stated on numerous occassions this year that his trip to LT in 2009 would be his last one. Thankfully I got myself a Lithuanian SIM for my mobile, and therefore he was able to easily ring me whenever he needed to. The Friday GL and I met up with my father for lunch. The little egg doesn’t move quickly, his chemo from a year ago really took away alot of his strength and he hasn’t really recovered from that. After lunch we went along Bernadiniu Gatve to a cute little gothic church that Napoleon thought was wonderful and after that my father wanted to go back to his cousin Algirdas & his wife Emilija, he was tired. GL and I continued to explore the old town, working our way through the little side streets.

We wandered into Literatu Gatve, which had the most amazing artistic renderings on the walls of buildings and houses. Ended up back on Pilies Gatve (the hub of the Old Town) and just kept wandering. Somewhere along the way we managed to stop at a couple of cafes for GL’s coffee and our mutual wifi needs for twittering purposes.

On the 20th, the dental visit! Oh how grand, GL to have drilling done…the possibilities of hearing his screams, but all came to naught, not a single wimper escaped his lips. Remigijus met us at the dentist, and we started wandering about a bit on the north side of the river Nemunas. We eventually made it to the KGB Museum.

The museum was quite haunting, especially if one considers that it was in use as recently as 20 years ago. The different cells were horrific, the solitary confinement, the rooms where people would be packed 20 at a time, the room dedicated to the countless priests who were members of the resistance movement, the communal toilets, the water torture cells and the execution chamber… all preserved, so no one would forget. The haunting part of it all is that former inmates act as facilitators/information guides at the museum.

After the heaviness of the KGB museum we ended up on Gedimino Prospektas and had dinner together – I had barbeque ribs, and as always, GL had a girly cocktail.

As this was the last night for GL in Vilnius we had an early night so that we could wake up to get him to the airport ontime. I was awoken at an ungodly hour of 05:00 in the morning and we left the flat at 05:45. Got to the airport in about 15-20 minutes, way too early for his flight. I stayed for a little while, but left after a bit and went back to the flat — for some serious sleeping.