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Just when I thought I’d be foley-free, it’s back again. I had the appointment with Herschorn on Friday and I did manage to successfully insert a catheter on my own into the stoma. So I thought, as did the Urology Fellow that everything would be okay. I was instructed that at the 4-hour mark I was to cath again. Dutifully at 4 hours precisely I tried.

I couldn’t insert a catheter. My bathroom countertop ended up being covered in blood, as did a part of the bathroom floor. Not just a few splatters, but a good drenching. I couldn’t get the catheter in and when I did try it kept folding in on itself – visions of the knot a month ago being stuck in the stoma ran through my head.

I paged the Urology Resident on call at Sunnybrook and I explained the situation. He told me to get to the ER at Sunnybrook, and that he’d be waiting for me. I showed up and the Resident took care of me. He had a hard time inserting a catheter and had to go through several different brands before one could get in…all of this took about 30 minutes, while my BFF Tarotcub waited patiently for me out in the waiting area.

I managed to get a note from him so that I can use it while traveling between different Customs points while on hols in Europe. I also got a “plug”, which he didn’t want to give me, but I held firm. The plug is to be used when it isn’t convenient to use a bag.. like at work. Yesterday I had a lovely jaunt over to Starkman Surgical Supplies Depot, to pick up:

-3 packs of DuSoft 3×3 gauze

-3 rolls of paper tape

-3 leg bags, with tubing so that I can easily fasten the leg bags to my legs without worrying putting any undue stress on the stoma

-stoma deoderant – a 2oz spray bottle

My brother and mother are slightly freaking out. My father doesn’t know, yet, about the latest in my stoma-saga. The maternal unit is going up to the cottage tomorrow, and I’m sure she’ll inform him.

The resident said that Dr Herschorn will prolly want me back in soon so that I can have a minor surgical procedure to clear out the scar-tissue that is causing the obstruction.


I am now soooo glad that Ruthie will be picking me up at Gatwick, I don’t relish the idea of using BritishRail while going from Gatwick up to Prickwillow.