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Well, I am nearly done with my quarter-end responsibilities. And a few things have cropped up, which I just have to share.

The twat is as incompetent as ever. When I asked for her cash applications folder for March her first question/statement was – why? I have balanced the cash, it’s all accounted for. Needless to say, I had to re-allocate about $2MM in cash to the correct cash accounts across 7 profit centres.

One of my co-workers, while inputting her balance sheet into our reporting system, couldn’t get it to balance.. the basic accounting formula explains it all:


She couldn’t get her Assets to balance to her Liabilities+Equity. I had to walk her through it, after I told her to “tick & bob” each line item. The silly bint looked at her reconciliation binder (which was wrong) instead of looking at her actual balance sheet that is generated by our local accounting system. I showed her where she was wrong and viola! her $32K difference went down to $4K which she could then easily determine herself (she understated her cash btw).

I keep getting my co-workers meandering down to my office, asking for help & guidance with regards to their monthend duties. I am not their manager, and I keep stressing that. I can show them the tricks I use, but it isn’t my job to tell them how to do their jobs. I keep stressing this, to no avail. If this continues I need to discuss the situation with my manager.

And this quarter-end I had the great joy of having to do a PO Accrual – for WIP jobs. I have never done the analysis for WIP (Work in Progress) as I am not involved in “production” – which are the jobs for each of our clients. I am purely & strictly financial reporting – which means information is fed to me, I analyse it to make sure it makes sense and then compile it for reporting. I do not deal with any of the Account Groups, Clients or the billable jobs (WIP). The individual who is normally responsible for this declared – I’m too busy, you do it if you want it done. Naturally, I did try and of course it got mucked up. I made it very obvious that I do not normally do the analysis and have no line of sight on the projects, so I don’t know if a potential accrual looks appropriate. Thankfully, because I was so open about this it has come to the attention of the Regional Director and my own manager – so hopefully there will be some discussion with regards to peeps fulfilling their job responsibilities and not dumping everything on me.