pupaPupa the wonder-kitty has been away from his nest, aka my flat, for a week. The little bugger got into some liquid laundry detergent and licked some of it. I took him to the vet, cos he was vomitting soap bubbles, was not pee’ing or pooping – nor was he drinking water, cos he would vomit whenever he drank anything.

The light of my life was severely dehydrated and it seems he couldn’t pee, there was a blockage of some sort. Pupa had the delightful joy of having a catheter up his bum and a tiny IV to feed fluids into him. The vet took out the catheter on Thursday but he wasn’t able to pee on his own – just little dribbles. They put him on steroids and some muscle relaxants so that his tiny penis would stop spasming. Finally, on Sunday, Pupa pee’d — twice. Yesterday he pee’d as well, so I got to take him home.

The little bugger cost me nearly $1600 in vet bills.

There were tiny bits of grit whenever he was cath’d so there is a concern that he may need to go in again. I am to keep a careful eye on my Overlord and make sure he has decent urine output. He’s also on a new food – Royal Canin – for kitties with urinary problems. I also got his wee cone, incase he starts licking his genitals too often…if he does the cone goes back on.