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.. Twat has given up trying to do any semblance of work. I received a copy of the bank statement for last week and was asked to do some cash allocation journal entries. The love does continue to fester and turn towards apathy, let me tell you.

Now I find out, when I’m about to void a whole bunch of cheques (because the old bank accounts are being rolled up into the new bank account), that Twat’s Team-Lead (Twat Sr) has been sitting on a cheque since December, refusing to release it until she is satisfied that we indeed owe the funds. How do I find out about this? Was it Twat or Twat Sr who told me this? Nope, my assistant did.

And Twat screwed up my A/R subledger with her madcap disregard for company codes.

Is it illegal to put arsenic in her tea?