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.. I was having an interesting conversation with Geeklawyer a few weeks ago with regards to blogs with particular slants – for example, his blog is the mental meanderings of a British Barrister which is followed by many individuals in the legal profession throughout the world. My blog is primarily that of a madcap accountant, also with a few screws loose.

This got me to thinking. Other individuals out there in the lawblawg-verse also have legal blogs such as CharonQC, Lo-Fi, Simply Wonder, Ruthie’s Law, BabyBarrista and so forth. But yet the accounting profession doesn’t seem to have jumped onto the blogging bandwagon.

Is this because accountants are by their very nature quiet, reserved and lead boring existences? I have attended one LawBlawg Gathering in London, last year, and my experiences meeting all those lawyers is that they are all stark raving crackers. Does one need a particular mindset to blog? If I blog, do I have the the same mindset & proclivities of a sexually deviant british barrister? Mayhaps I should give up this whole accounting schtick and become a tax lawyer – ooo there’s a thought.