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I have been informed by a certain Mr Cantrell that I am under orders to come to LBW2010 and Mr Geeklawyer concurs; so I have no choice, I am under orders from two peeps who “believe” they are my overlords.  Not only is my presence demanded/required I have to work!

 In the not too distant past, for the Slovakian LBW, a co-hort of mine (Yalla) and I held the first International Potluck at the LBW — our cottage was perfect for that, the swimming pool held our beer, we had a gazebo with a fireplace all nestled next to a small river/stream. The gathering that year was smallish, about 60, and almost everyone crammed into the gazebo. That first Potluck taught me one thing – do not allow the Brits to bring a box of teabags and call it a contribution.

Fast forward a few years and now I am the theoretic Queen of the Potluck – I have tried to fling off that title, but to no avail. So for LBW2010 I am in charge of the kitchen – I may make poutine.

But my labours will not end there, oh no. For some deluded reason which I cannot fathom Mr Cantrell has requested I do a talk on “double entry accounting” aka “accrual accounting”. What possesses him to believe that computer geeks would be interested in accounting, I do not know. Geeklawyer has pounced upon this opportunity to remind me that I did wiggle out of doing his accounts, and that for me to properly do a talk on Accrual Accounting I should use his “completed” accounts as an example

Yet again, I suspect I am being used.

Help me!

Mr Cantrell, I demand Hello Kitty schlock for this. I demand it Sir!