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.. actually there isn’t any, I’m just bored to tears and thought I’d put up a blog entry.

We are currently working on our Q1 forecast and I’ve had a jolly good laugh today, at the expense of my co-workers.

-Beanie, how do I reforecast my interco cost allocation that you are charging me? I think it’s easy as they have a copy of the Budget numbers I worked out last November which clearly indicates how much I am charging, what I am charging for and when.

I don’t like doing other people’s jobs, as it means more work for me, they get use to it and then astonishingly enough they can’t think for themselves. 

Today the Cash Clerk, who I have labelled “The Twat” in my mind, came to me and said she needs to write-off a few pennies from A/R and she was told I could do it via journal entry. I told her that she is mistaken, I can’t do journal entries into a subledger, only the GL, so the onus is on her to do the write-off, not me. She wasn’t happy about that, insisting that I should do it. I told her rather forcefully that I cannot do it, and that as she has access to the subledger she must do it.

As always, my biggest complaints about my co-workers is about their lack of desire to look into discrepancies (preferring to be lead to the solution) and their unwillingness to ask for help from my manager.


On a happy note, I have been scoping out some IFRS workshops I want to do, and am hoping to do a few this spring. Geeklawyer is trying to gently nudge me towards achieving an ACCA designation. I believe I smell a rather fishy and ulterior motive to this – he wants me to do his accounts. I did manage to wiggle my way out of it when he was in colonies last month, giving some advice on how Financial Statements are structured and the nature of the double-entry system of accounting.