So now it’s been over two weeks since Geeklawyer left my Pupa, to sob into his catnip. How has Pupa been coping without his male-bitch?

Pupa has not been eating well, vomitting everything that he eats and not drinking his water. I tried to rectify this, my biggest concern being him not getting enough fluids; so I got him a couple tins of “Fancy Feast” but that didn’t go over very well, though he did perk up a little bit. He was also not pooping or pee’ing, and according to various websites this could mean some blockage of his innards.

I seem to go through this every couple of years with him, usually in the early spring. I changed his litter (it was clean but I changed it completely) and thought to myself that maybe his kibble is the problem – maybe it has gone “off”. The litter is completely different now – instead of the usual clay kitty litter that one can find in any grocery store I got him some of the white silica stuff that turns blue when he pees. I also purchased a fresh supply of kibble for him, and to help with his little innards some cat-grass.

I am happy to report that he did not vomit last night, chewed quite happily on the grass and was having a merry ol’ time playing with the litter.