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…. and I had to do a big uber journal entry to adjust the twit’s cash application – $4M nearly, though not as bad as last month’s $6.5M. Took me 5 hours, pouring through each of her transactions, tracing them from bank statement to GL & company code.

And today I patiently explained how to make and adjustment to revenue between different companies sharing the same billing. Naturally this went over everyone’s head and they started allocating amounts to intercompany when I specifically told them not to.

To make the morning even more entertaining, one chica came over to me asking me to correct her journal entry – as she doesn’t know how she screwed it up. I, naturally, refused to do her journal entry but I did write out exactly how to do it – including the parentheses which indicate a negative or for those of you in the know, a credit.

On the brightside, one of my co-workers is actually getting a handle on the new accounting system and is beginning to see the benefits that I already see.