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…it has begun!

I have received the phone call I get each year from my mother in February – “your father would like to know when you can come over and do our taxes”. I like how she uses my father as an excuse, instead of stating the obvious – they gave me life, now I must do their taxes. Naturally, I am a dutiful child and will bow to the wishes of my parental units; I’m off to their condo tomorrow to do their taxes.

Several of my friends as well, knowing that I am a CGA (Certified General Accountant) revel and delight in the fact that I could, if I wanted to, do their taxes. Only problem, for me, is that I cannot charge money for this – if I did, as per the rules & guidelines of the CGA I have to purchase professional liability insurance (which can run up to $1000). What does this mean? I do what Diresquirrel use to do – request a meal in exchange for doing taxes, so that there is no official monetary gain for me doing their taxes.. in essence I would be doing their taxes, officially, as a favour and in turn they would take me out for dinner as a thank you.

But if those of you reading this think that I will do your taxes if you offer me other items such as athames, candles, incense, etc.. think again. If I can’t charge money I want a meal – since it would help in saving me from having to purchase groceries the meal does have an impact on my monthly budget. Though athames, swords, candles, incense and whatnot are lovely they serve no purpose to me except as shiny baubles. Now, if any of you want to whisk me off to say Bali then I am willing to negotiate.