… Geeklawyer is flying back to Merry Ol’ England and I will be left to pick up the pieces. Yes, my darling little demonic feline, Pupa, has grown quite attached to Mr Geekie. Not sure how I will quiet down his poor, pathetic, little feline sobs…but I shall try and make a valiant effort.

These three weeks of Geeklawyer being in the colonies has just flown by, I barely noticed time passing by. Managed to show him some of the glory and majesty that is but a small part of Her Majesty’s far-flung Commonwealth – aka Ottawa. Had a piss-up in his honour, went to a Reptile Expo, introduced him to a few interesting individuals and of course helped to encourage the love that dare not speak its name — Pupa Love.

Some highlights:

  • the tequila drink-off between Tarotcub and Lyds – gamely encouraged by Geeklawyer’s wallet…12 shots each, both barely survived
  • Geeklawyer muttering that the only problem with Ottawa is the French
  • Geeklawyer’s reaction to Drag Queen Hookers
  • Geeklawyer’s pub crawl through the Gay Village
  • Getting more RAM for my Macbook
  • The flat littered with gizmos and other electronic toys
  • Geeklawyer’s leching over cameras
  • The ping of “Twhirl” when either one of us got a Tweet in Twitter

Tonight I go home to a quiet flat, filled only with the quiet sobs of a forlorn kittycat named Pupa.