The first of many endless reforcasting of the 2009 budget has started, with the first one due today.

It was a simple reforecasting, we were ordered to cut the salary increases. This in turn affected our tax calculations.

Stupidly, I was asked (after we all got clear instructions on this) “what am I suppose to do?”. As the rest of them, except for one colleague, don’t have tax calculations (I swallow up their revenues with regards to a tax calculation and the expense is shown on my income statement) so I was confused by the question. All they had to do was to open their files, make sure everything balances and leave it at that.

One colleague said to me “the last time I looked at the 2009 budget was September 2008, and the salary numbers have changed since then.” I pointed out that they had changed and she did look at the numbers last October and November when we were re-working our forecasts due to the economic climate. “I don’t recall doing that, the Director must have done something without telling me”, “No, you made changes”

btw, my adjustments took me all of 5 minutes this morning. The rest of them spent 2 hours, and I’m the one with the complex tax calculation that has to be allocated appropriately by month.

I sometimes am vastly amused by the sheer vacuousness and ignorance that abounds here.