So now I’ve had 2 weeks with Mr Geeklawyer here in the colonies, and they have been interesting if not thoroughly entertaining.

What amuses me greatly is the great and profound love that has developed between Geeklawyer and my cat, Pupa. Pupa generally flings himself at Geeklawyer, with wild abandon, much like a young woman ripping open her boudice with great passion. Pupa wiggles about, tries to climb Mr Geekie, and generally follows him about like a love-sick puppy.

This past weekend we went off to Ottawa, so that GL could marvel at the majesty and might of Canada’s capital region. Wonderfully GL did not manage to kill me enroute, and back to Toronto. There were minor moments of camera-lusting, but that was generally kept in check by his need to view Parliament Hill, wave a fist at the American Emabassy and feed his addiction for coffee. Stupidly I left my earplugs back in Toronto, so we had to purchase some more – as it seems that there is a small colony of miniscule miners who reside amongst Geeklawyer’s nostril hairs and regularly pull out their jackhammers at night, which affect my ability to sleep – ergo the earplugs.

Went to the movies this week, attended a pub moot, and this weekend we hope to go to a Reptile Expo.

And while I work, to support the lavish lifestyle of Pupa, GL has been wandering the streets like a vagabond. He’s managed to go through a fair mount of coffee as well.