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.. it is over, I believe.

We switched over to a new accounting system, but the training we got was lacklustre, to say the least. The patchy training received was not the fault of my manager, but that of the regional headquarters. They focused so hard on making sure people knew how to create Purchase Orders and Estimates (for setting up job codes) that the training that Finance needed was very last minute. The excuse was that they knew that it would take a while for Finance to get up to speed, but they wanted to make sure that the business could still carry on whilst Finance was getting use to the new system. But how can business carry on if Finance can’t figure out how to report the numbers?

I have been working massive hours, mostly because of the lack of training – and when the training did occur I was madly doing journal entries and running provisional financial statements. I nearly balanced, but then the Regional Headquarters did these wacky journal entries into my business units – and I have no backup to determine what they did. The end result is that my cash balance is way off, several million off, and I couldn’t figure out the discrepancy in time for reporting my numbers. My manager went through my documentation and she tried to figure it out – but it was the same issue for her, she couldn’t figure it out in time. So I have published numbers which I am not happy with – the P&L I am comfortable with, but the Balance Sheet is all wacked.

I worked through the weekend, skipping a friend’s birthday party and having to leave my guest from the UK alone for nearly a week while trying to fix this fiasco.

The funny part of all of this – I had to hand-hold some co-workers through their journal entry attempts. My manager caught me teaching one of them on how to enter a journal entry and an accrual. She also noticed that I was showing them how to run financial statements. The bit that gets me, and I have bitched about this in the past, is that we all got the same training so theoretically they should have been up to the same level as me. Guess not, it’s easier to depend on Beanie than to think for themselves. I actually told one of them to go away, I have my own issues to deal with and I really don’t care about how to work out their accruals. I felt good to say “go away”.

I really am hoping that the next monthend will go smoother. I am now demanding, no longer requesting, proper documentation with regards to using the new accounting system properly.