Mr Geeklawyer showed up in the colonies last Thursday, and for the bits I was around for (see previous post on Monthend Hell) it has been nothing if not highly entertaining.

I organised a bit of a “Piss-Up” for him this past Saturday. What I thought would be an quiet but fun night of chatting and some solubrious drinking turned into quite a night. We showed up and there was Tarotcub entertaining Lydia and Andrew. Tarotcub was already on his way to being thoroughly pissed. He got into a drinking contest with Lydia and between them they downed 24 tequila shots. Tarotcub went home, in defeat, while Lydia swayed gently in her seat with a big fat smile on her face…a smile of victory. In the meanwhile the rest of my friends were looking at Tarotcub to make sure he was okay…he was in full on Drag Mode that night. The bill ended up being nearly $250 for all those shots and other sundry drinks.

The next day, whilst Tarotcub and Lydia were nursing aching heads, Geeklawyer and I went on a quest to find some mead or decent cider. I took him to one of the largest LCBO’s in Toronto….that Yonge & Summerhill. The staff there said that Mead is a Christmas drink, so they don’t have any at the moment. I was a bit taken aback, and I do know that mead can be drunk at any time of the year, not just at Christmas. Anywho, Geeklawyer stocked up on some liqueurs and we ended up meandering a bit through Rosedale. Ended up at Yonge & Bloor, went to Stollery’s for some minor window-shopping and then Korean Barbeque!

Geeklawyer seemed to enjoy the Korean Barbeque and I believe there may be some pictures. Afterwards he skipped over to City Hall for some firework display whilst I meandered my way home.

Geeklawyer has been amusing himself while I work away at my spreadsheets at work. This coming Friday I am dragging him to the Nation’s Capital – Ottawa!!