The ever effervescent Geeklawyer was due to land in Toronto yesterday, for a 3 week sojourn in the colonies. What transpired was his inability to get to Gatwick due to the fact that British Rail refused to “drive” their trains because it was too cold. I laughed, I had to admit, at the nancy-boy attitude of the train conductors, but my laughter was tinged by a certain amount of grief. For due to the nancy-boys Mr Geeklawyer could not make it to his plane.

But fear not beloved mushrooms, Mr Geekie had insurance for such an eventuality. He is now scheduled for this coming Thursday. I have directed Geekie to make an offering to the British Weather Gods, of mead. He seems rather reticient to do such an act, but I truly believe that a few drops of the golden elixir will do wonders. Geekie has informed me that he shall be camping out at Gatwick, much like Tom Hanks did in that dreadful film of his a few years back.

Tarotcub is beside himself, not know what to do. I believe I heard some quiet sobbing last night.