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I’m back at work, after experiencing the whirlwind that is the NYE celebration period. On NYE went to Cat F’s place, for her “Ballgowns & Pajamas Party” and met up with the usual miscreants from the “community” which I tend to like a fair bit. The love & devotion between myself and C2 strengthened even further. The usual pumpkin-tude that I pull was not in evidence this year – I did not turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, but I did get molested by Jenn & Kari.

The next day it was off to C2’s for her house party. I brought “Suktinis” a Baltic Mead that needs to be cut with water as it is fairly strong at 50% alc. A certain lady by the name of Heather hugged me in a fashion that I knew it meant that she was buttering me up for something…she wants more mead. At some point during the evening we played Chthulu Munchkin and I focused all my evil upon all the other players except Jenn, mostly because I was bored towards the end and I wanted someone to win the blasted game.

L.A.B. spent the evening getting more and more tipsy- to the point that he quite literally became the life of the party. The car ride home consisted of LAB rubbing my hair.. I think he thought I was either a little girl or a puppy, I prefer to think little girl.

Today I am in the office, toiling away at my spreadsheets, madly entering journal entries and completing reconciliations. As we are also preparing documents for a systems implementation my reconciling duties consist of also reconciling my co-worker’s GL balances and Fixed Assets – that means 7 companies for me to reconcile. There is a crucial piece of information which we have not received from the Treasury Department today, but it will be sent tomorrow. As we need to send final figures this coming Monday at 9am that means that we need to, at some point, come in this weekend to complete our reconciliations. One of my co-workers came to me this morning, asking “Beanie, what does this email from Treasury mean?”  I explained that it meant that it probably means we need to come and do the JE’s this weekend.

-But Beanie, I really don’t want to come in this weekend into the office.
-I’m not your manager, you really should be having this discussion with her.
-But Beanie I’m not sure if I want to approach her, what do you plan on doing.
-As I live close to the office it’s really easy for me to pop in and complete the necessary.
-Beanie, could you do my journal entry?

As I have blogged in the past my co-workers are unwilling to think outside the box and realise that they are working in accounting positions, with a certain level of responsibility; one of those responsibilities is to adhere to the established time tables/due dates. If that means one has to work til later or come in on the weekend, one must do that. My assistant has learnt that, in the time I have been here.

My greatest concern and which I stress to my assistant is that the work must be completed. As I am in a supervisory position I can give her time off, which I do (that whole reward/praise thing which increases morale and productivity and manages retention).