…and people here were stunned.

Before my surgery I use to always wear a skirt to work, along with heels.  It was all part of my work outfit, and when I would get home I would fling the clothes off.  I never gave it any thought, actually, that I wore skirts.

But I guess no one here has seen me in a skirt so they were taken aback that I could actually look girlie. I kept getting asked if I was going to a party or a job interview. My manager kept doing double-takes and carefully watching me, as if I was about to run off and do something. And some of the men as well… I kept getting stares.

I am not a svelte young slip of a thing. I am a rotund small potato, but I have good legs for a potato. And swearing 2″ heels did help in adding to my persona of being a lady. Today it is Jeans Friday, so I am naturally wearing a pair of jeans and a rather decent fuschia sweater. I’m  not getting the same manly stares..mayhaps the heels should come out again 🙂