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… as I had mentioned in a previous post, my intercompany with another affiliate didn’t balance. My co-worker, who couldn’t figure out where the discrepancy was, asked me to look into it. Turns out what happened was that a payable was raised because she had to compensate my “company” for some payroll charges. HR should have then created an invoice in my “company” to offset the payment received. HR never did, so in essence I got overpaid since there was no invoice in my system to apply the payment to.

I rang HR and asked why they didn’t create an invoice – “oh, I forgot, do you think I should have?”. As always I am stunned at the vapidness and stupidity that surrounds me. So now I have to put through a journal entry to create a “dummy invoice”, after the fact, so that my intercompany matches with my co-workers. But that’s only part of it. Seems we have been off since July for another amount, and it appears that my co-worker “over charged” me for bank interest. I have worked out the journal entry she needs to do.

Hopefully all will be okay, and I don’t have to worry about this at the December  monthend.

Gotta love Human Resources – they are just a swell bunch of people.