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I started crotcheting a very squishy and warm scarf for myself, it’s navy blue by the way. And while plying my hook last night I realised that I hadn’t touched any yarn for almost a year. This got to me thinking, since Lydia did mention that she wouldn’t want anything as big as last year’s blankie that I made for her & Mr Andrew.

What can I make for Christmas Gifts this year which will also satisfy my recently re-emerged yarn fetish? I could make scarves, but do my friends relish getting a scarf made by moi? What about slippers? Or hats? This use to be so much easier when Squirrel-Boy & I were a couple — I could whack out hats, scarves, blankies, slippers as quickly as I could he was always hungry for more.

Unfortunately my favourite place to get yarn is closed, Lewiscraft, so now I have to make a journey to get decently priced yarn. What’s a girl to do?